How to manage secrets in .NET locally and on GitHub? — Maytham Fahmi

md MySecretsApp
cd MySecretsApp
dotnet new console
dotnet user-secrets init
Set UserSecretsId to 'b6b695f2-7611-4ed2-8ea9-a8a716afa697' for MSBuild project '..\MySecretsApp\MySecretsApp.csproj'.
dotnet user-secrets set apikey 4f15a66c-2e17-408d-b6f6-db9dec3d8382
{ "apikey": "4f15a66c-2e17-408d-b6f6-db9dec3d8382" }
using Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration;var config = new ConfigurationBuilder()
string apiKey = config["apikey"];
- name: Test
apikey: ${{ secrets.APIKEY }}
run: dotnet test --no-build --verbosity normal
working-directory: MySecretsApp



Maytham is a passionate software developer with more than ten years of experience. His motivation is to help transform ideas into production ready systems.

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