MaxBy and MinBy: New LINQ extensions series — Maytham Fahmi

public class GameWinner
public GameWinner(string name, int rank, int point)
Name = name;
Rank = rank;
Point = point;
public string Name { get; set; }
public int Rank { get; set; }
public int Point { get; set; }
var gameWinners = new List<GameWinner>
new ("John", 1, 99),
new ("Peter", 3, 95),
new ("Mick", 2, 96)
var highestPoint = gameWinners.MaxBy(e => e.Point);
var lowestPoint = gameWinners.MinBy(e => e.Point);
Console.WriteLine($"{highestPoint?.Name} has highest point {highestPoint?.Point}");
Console.WriteLine($"{lowestPoint?.Name} has highest point {lowestPoint?.Point}");
John has highest point 99
Peter has highest point 95



Maytham is a passionate software developer with more than ten years of experience. His motivation is to help transform ideas into production ready systems.

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