Range and Reverse: New LINQ extensions in .NET 6


var data = new[] { "person1", "person2", "person3", "person4", "person5" };
var getPerson3 = data.ElementAt(2); // forward take and count from index 0Output
var getPerson4 = data.ElementAt(^2); // revers take the second reversOutput
var get2PersonsAfterPerson2 = data.Skip(2).Take(2);Output 
person3 person4
var get2PersonsAfterPerson2New = data.Take(2..4);Output 
person3 person4
var get3PersonsReversFromPerson5 = data.Take(^3..);Output
person3 person4 person5



Maytham is a passionate software developer with more than ten years of experience. His motivation is to help transform ideas into production ready systems.

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